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Customers with high requirements must buy thickened thickened thickened Oh! Our retail price is more than double that of the market. Super cheap washing cloths can also be purchased at such a low price, and each of our towels has thousands of disposable items from customers!
Received numerous praises! It is really worth buying.

SUPER MICRO FIBER Bamboo fiber absorbent cloth
> Does not fade
> No hair removal
> Super absorbent
> Smear of oil can stick to cloth
> Easy to clean
> Glass cleaning is very easy to use
> Very fine bamboo fiber wiper will not be scratched
[Product color]: thin red rose green yellow purple coffee blue dark powder light powder white red Medium thick with rose red green yellow purple coffee blue dark powder light powder medium thick with white Thickened rose green purple coffee dark blue Brushed super thick section has rose purple purple brown green dark blue white

1. Do not cleanse the eyelids without deep cleansing the skin, remove dead skin oils and cosmetics residues.
2. Clean the bowl without cleaning. Remove peach hair, vegetables, fruits, pesticide residues, etc.
he cleaning effect is obvious.
3. The ground debris is cleaned as soon as it is wiped.

4. Just wipe the glass with a light touch of the window and the window.
5. Clean the TV and computer screen, no static electricity. No dust in half a month.
6. Wipe the sheets to remove dust and mites, dandruff, hair without secondary pollution
7. clean water to wipe furniture, wooden floors, such as polishing and waxing, no fog
8. Pet towels dry quickly in three minutes, no hair dryer required
9. rub white travel shoes, purse, as new as magical

> 不脱色
> 不脱毛
> 超吸水
> 油迹一抹就能粘在布上
> 容易清洗
> 擦玻璃非常好用
> 非常幼细的竹纤维抹车不会被刮花

【产品颜色】:褐色 , 粉色, 紫色, 蓝色

1. 洗睑不用洗面奶深层次清洁皮肤 去死皮 油脂及化妆品残留物.
2. 2.. 刷碗不用洁洁灵.去除桃毛 蔬果农药残留物等.
3. 擦地效果明显地面杂物一擦就净, 比原始墩布省力 地面光亮无痕.
4. 擦玻璃只需轻轻一抹既窗明几净.光亮无痕
5. 擦拭电视 电脑屏募,无静电.半月内不附尘土.
6. 擦床单即可清除尘土 又可清除螨虫 皮屑 毛发无二次污染
7. 清水擦拭家具 汽车 木质地板如上光打腊 不起雾

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